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Health and Fitness Articles for Men

Information on men's fitness and health, articles on workouts, diet, health and sex issues. Just click on the links below...

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Anti aging tips for men While you can't totally beat aging, it is possible to push it off, to prolong the time before it sets in hard.

Avena sativa benefits for men A study in San Francisco discovered that avena sativa works by creating more free testosterone compared to the increasing bound testosterone found as we get older.

Benefits of testosterone boosters for men Testosterone is the key element you want to fire up in your body since it burns off fat, makes the body more masculine, and stokes the quintessential factor - muscle mass.

Beta-sitosterol benefits for men Beta-sitosterol is something that is found in any plant food that we eat but the problem is that when you eat fruit and vegetables you do not get enough of these sterols to have a medicinal/therapeutic effect on the body.

Bodybuilding for men over 50 Bodybuilding is profitable in your 50's but you need to approach it in a specific manner.

Chrysin benefits for men Chrysin has a blocking effect of aromatase that helps lower estrogen levels and boost testosterone.

DHEA benefits for men For men over 30, DHEA can certainly help improve vitality and vigor for life, it can help to increase lean body mass from weight training.

Free testosterone vs bound testosterone Levels of testosterone circulate in the body in a couple of forms - bound or free.

Full body workout for men Doing a full body workout three times a week you will get strong quickly.

Great arm workouts for men For best results you should train arms at least twice a week.

How to increase testosterone levels naturally in men Tips to help you naturally increase your testosterone levels.

How to date a younger woman A few basic tips that can help an older man date younger women.

How to get rid of man boobs Having man boobs can be extremely embarrassing for any man.

How to lose belly fat for men Read these great tips on belly fat reduction for men.

How to build muscle and lose fat at same time It is definitely the Holy Grail of fitness - the ability to build muscle and burn fat at the same time.

How to pick up women at the gym Picking up a woman in the gym forces you to walk a tight rope - you don't want to drive her away by being too aggressive too soon, but you also need to establish a connection before she move on.

How to tell if you have low testosterone Learn what are the low testosterone signs in men.

How to become an alpha male A typical alpha male will assume control and he will do this with confidence that he has in his ability at any given task.

How to gain muscle mass fast for men Progressive resistance gains muscle, which means you need to approach each workout to be better than you were the last time you trained.

How to have harder erections The process of getting an erection is complicated as it involves both the mind and the body.

How to increase sexual desire in men Before you reach for Viagra because your libido has taken a dive, you should consider a few natural options first.

How to increase sexual frequency The increase in sexual frequency often comes from the desire to innovate and get excited about having sex.

How to get ripped muscles in 4 weeks If your objective is to get as ripped as you can in four weeks it is recommended that you plan ahead.

How to get six pack abs for men Showing a set of well-defined abs is built on two foundations and they are your daily diet and exercise.

How to last longer in bed for men If you have been thinking of ways to stay erect longer when in bed with your partner then you should not feel alone.

Low testosterone quiz for men How much do you know about testosterone in general and the issues related to low testosterone in particular?

Most effective testosterone boosting herbs There are many testosterone boosters on the market and some work better than others.

Muira puama benefits for men When Muira Puama is combined with a hormone balanced life style it shows to increase natural levels of testosterone.

Nettle benefits for men Helps ensure that there is more free testosterone available in order to increase male vitality and sexual functions.

Normal male testosterone levels What is considered normal testosterone levels in men? Check this testosterone levels chart.

Possible causes of low testosterone in men Low testosterone levels result in lower libido, mental issues, body deterioration and worst of all, degradation of muscle. You want to avoid this pitfall but to do that you first have to understand what causes it.

Saw palmetto benefits for men Using saw palmetto on a regular basis will help to modulate the system of complex hormone metabolism in men.

Sex problems for men over 50 With the daily decrease in testosterone production that men over 50 years old go through, too often it is blamed on erectile dysfunction.

Testosterone and fat loss in men Several studies have found that testosterone is in fact very effective in burning fat off the body.

Testosterone and men's health Testosterone in men is the vital ingredient to live a healthy life.

Testosterone and muscle building So how exactly does testosterone work with muscle? What is the process of this unique hormone in your body?

Testosterone boosting exercises Exercise can create a big testosterone release in the body. However, there is a very important caveat here - not all exercise turns on the testosterone switch.

Testosterone boosting foods There are certain foods that have a big effect on your testosterone flow and knowing what they are can help you eat in a “pro-testosterone” manner that in turn sparks more muscle growth, as well as causing fat to burn off the body.

Testosterone boosting supplements that work Of the many different options available there are four natural testosterone boosters that show the most value in increasing testosterone levels naturally.

Testosterone levels and mental health Mental elements are also enhanced by higher testosterone levels, and decreased by low testosterone levels.

Tongkat ali benefits for men Eurycoma longifolia jack goes by many names ranging from also Malaysian ginseng to tongkat ali used in Asian medicine to treat libido and sexual dis-functions.

Tribulus terrestris benefits for men Tribulus is used for libido in men and and is said to regulate testosterone production and increase strength gains dramatically.

What is andropause Andropause in men is a decline in testosterone with age.

Workouts for men over 40 For many people, turning 40 is a milestone, the first step into middle age. Many people use this particular milestone as a point to start working out.

Zinc supplement benefits for men Zinc is important for men as it relates directly to testosterone levels, prostrate and overall sexual health.

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